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Why is it essential to journey?

I really like touring, nevertheless it hasn’t constantly been my ardour. In my first year of school, I started to travel in the course of the holidays. In the course of the Christmas excursion I went to Paris, and throughout the spring trip, I visited Athens and various cities in Italy – I was once very excited in view that this was once the primary time I had travelled overseas with just my associates. This wish to travel started off with ease to be able to have whatever to seem forward to after tests, however I quickly discovered how principal it is to travel.

On my travels i’ve had the opportunity to no longer simplest expertise new and brilliant cultures through the artwork, history, language and meals, however i’ve additionally had the danger to engage with folks who’ve exclusive outlooks on life. Visiting is a finding out experience for each oneself and likewise the individuals you encounter. Some humans I met in the course of my travels had under no circumstances heard of the Gambia and it was once very enjoyable to share my African roots with them. When you travel you are going to meet folks who have one of a kind cultural backgrounds and hence, often your possess recommendations and opinions might be challenged. It’s principal to be trained to see matters from different humans’s perspectives and to mission your possess preconceptions.

That is how I realised that touring is the realisation of residence. Whilst you journey you’re exposed to one more surroundings, a different language and one other approach of residing. All these elements, mixed with a new and wonderful adventure, make you have an understanding of your own residence. Now not simply the bodily location of residence, but also your lifestyle and your outlook.

Traveling is truly an enriching experience and i’m at all times excited for the discoveries that watch for me in my subsequent adventure!

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