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Super Short Travel Stories

“3:30am. Climbing up to Machu Picchu below the celebs. Day breaks. Discover a quiet spot with none tourists. Why howdy, llama!”

can you tell such a story in just one tweet? That’s the super-brief journey Story project we lately posed to the travel + amusement group. Already, greater than 500 individuals have tweeted funny, wistful, and even poetic testimonies, utilizing the committed hashtag #TLStory. Each is a sort of traveller’s haiku—and the satisfactory are an excessive amount of fun to preserve to ourselves.

Lots of our favorite #TLStory tweets vividly capture a distinctive moment: a seek advice from to Stratford-upon-Avon 25 years after first studying Shakespeare; the thunderous procedure of a buffalo migration in the dust-filled plains of South Africa; a dawn hot-air balloon ride over Turkey’s otherworldly Cappadocia region.

Misadventures continually make for juicy stories, and probably that’s why “lost” was once incorporated in 37 tweets. T+L followers have by accident taken the street much less traveled in destinations starting from the Utah wasteland to Uluwatu, Bali. Other tweets of journey long gone wrong—a overlooked teach in Marrakesh, a night spent at the Dublin airport Starbucks—sound amusing now, despite the fact that the experiences ought to have been frustrating on the time.

Learn on to notice what this Twitterature is all about, after which tweet your possess #TLStory. The nice ones will be retweeted via @TravlandLeisure—and a new #TLStory shall be released in each month’s drawback of travel + entertainment journal by way of 2013.

Do not forget tweeting a shuttle image too. We’ve featured some consumer-generated snap shots in this slideshow, above all, considered one of Pope John Paul II giving T+L follower @Tippi_Ocampo a spontaneous blessing after her marriage ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica. Now that’s a moment to bear in mind—and to share.

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