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nature’s super white umbrella – additionally called an overcast sky – produces superbly soft or even light. it�s simply the element for making shades and information come alive. despite the blessings, though, there additionally can be drawbacks. here’s greater:

the problem
dark storm clouds can create dramatic landscape or cityscape pics. but a featureless white sky regularly poses a compositional assignment: quite in reality, the obvious brightness can weigh down all the other elements in a scene.

the answers
if feasible, discover a subject that would be more advantageous by an empty white cover – admittedly no longer an smooth challenge. in any other case, your high-quality bet is to try the subsequent method:

keep away from grand landscapes and, as an alternative, slender your cognizance to smaller scenes and element shots that aren’t dependent on a sturdy sky. then try one of the following alternatives:

– limit the amount of the clean sky – say, via obscuring a whole lot of it with timber.

– go away that sky out of the frame totally.

lastly …
although the light of heavy overcast can enhance colorful vegetation, people images, and other subjects, it virtually can pay to be aware of the sky!

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