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Creative Studio Lighting Setups from Neil van Niekerk

one in every of the biggest demanding situations that get up while running in a studio is which you’re essentially taking pictures in a plain rectangular field. whilst photographing snap shots, the 2 obvious ways out of this is to create an interesting (or complementary) background, after which to create interesting (or flattering) lighting.
Flower girl
There seems to be a herbal progression with photographers exploring off-digital camera flash and studio pictures. After the initial umbrella and softbox, the next buy is usually a beauty dish, after which other esoterica which includes a hoop flash. I’d endorse that one of the first mild modifiers everybody have to get is a small- or medium-sized gridded stripbox. It’s narrower than the same old softboxes, and the grid in reality allows incorporate the mild spread. You have the ability to get relatively soft light, however additionally control it a whole lot higher than a ordinary softbox, and mainly an umbrella.
This portrait of Gracie Jane became shot with just one fundamental light, a 1 x 4-foot gridded stripbox. i’m able to rotate the stripbox to make it vertical, horizontal or any perspective in between. I also can rotate the stripbox at the mild stand in order that the pinnacle of the stripbox is toward the wall, letting light fall between my subject and the history (the grey wall) to create a gentle but dramatic fall-off in mild. with the aid of swinging the stripbox around, i will use the one give up to offer greater fill light on my concern. it’s miles one of these things that you need to honestly try for your self and see how infinitely changeable the light from one of these gridded stripbox may be.

digicam: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8E VR
publicity: f/5.6 at 1/a hundred twenty five sec. and two hundred ISO
lights: Profoto D1 flash head, Profoto 1 x 4 gridded stripbox
Starry Eyed
My model Jessica joy Thompson’s response to the take a look at shot for this dramatic, Hollywood glamour-inspired portrait changed into a laugh—a amazed “wherein did that come from?” when she looked at the again of my camera. The pattern within the history become an unexpected dramatic impact. once I placed her in the center of the studio floor, only the 2 Litepanels Sola 4 LED Fresnel lighting fixtures have been shining, until I fired the shutter and a mild Blaster with a star-sample gobo went off.
The lighting for this photograph had to be taken into consideration as layers: the non-stop mild (via the LED Fresnel lighting) and the flash through the mild Blaster at the background. I gelled the main LED Fresnel light with an incandescent balanced gel. With my camera set to the correct white stability, the daytime-balanced Fresnel hair light and the flash pattern at the wall turned blue.
For Shadowing
within the different examples right here, the interplay among mild and color turned into crucial in creating dramatic light. we are able to take it a step further, and make the shadows a part of the design of the photo. A more difficult mild source works better for this reason.


once I first started out exploring leap flash (after which off-camera flash and then studio pictures), my instincts veered toward softer mild. A large mild source offers you softer light, which is also greater forgiving in phrases of how you function your problem and yourself in terms of the light. It’s easy to work with because it creates softer mild that without problems wraps round your subject. As flattering as it’s far, it quickly have become obvious that i used to be missing out on that dramatic element that attracted me to certain pix and what I saw in movies.
Selectively lights part of your difficulty—or simply using a smaller, tougher light source as a unmarried light—gives you greater opportunity for one of a kind appears than simply the usage of one large mild source. In photographing Anelisa for a promotional video clip for my studio, I used smaller light sources for numerous of the setups. here, I used the Profoto 50-diploma Magnum Reflector to concentrate the mild at the same time as still giving a extensive sufficient beam.

And in a while, I carried out a heat tone in publish-manufacturing to give it a solar-sopping wet impact.

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